Dudes Rush In

It’s 1952, and restless war widow Phoebe McFarland decides to change her life and leave her home in San Francisco to spend six months on her sister-in-law’s dude ranch in Tribulation, Arizona. But Tribulation soon lives up to its name when secrets from the town’s past collide with a shocking revelation of her own, leading Phoebe down a trail to both discovery and danger.

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Reviews of Dudes Rush In:

Dudes Rush In is the touching story of two bereft women, separated by decades, whose lives cross in the most unexpected manner.”

– Donis Casey, author of The Wrong Girl and Valentino Will Die.

“This page turner of a novel truly captures and illustrates the hospitality and ambiance of an Arizona dude ranch in the 1950s and even today.”

Bryce Albright, Executive Director, Dude Ranchers’ Association. 

The Dude Ranch Abides!

I’ve always been fascinated by the dude ranch: the Western-style vacation that began with guided pack trips in 1880s Wyoming and today offers guests everything from horseback riding to destination weddings. For over a century dude ranching has also showed up in movies, books, music lyrics, and clothing styles.

In the spring of 2022, my new book, American Dude Ranch: A Touch of the Cowboy and the Thrill of the West, will hit the store shelves. Check my social media for information about the book and the history of dude ranching:

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Stay tuned, and remember: don’t squat on your spurs.

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