My Daguerrotype Boyfriend

A young man, a photograph, and the insatiable urge to explore

Talking About Fred
I’m obsessed with the short life and tragic death of Boston journalist Frederick Wadsworth Loring, who was killed in the Wickenburg Massacre of November 5, 1871 (I’ll be writing a book about him soon). In 2016 friend and audio engineer Diane Hope recorded my thoughts about Fred for the podcast Out There. Take a listen, and enjoy.

Episode 20: My Daguerrotype Boyfriend - a preview

by Lynn Downey

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“There’s a temptation, when we look at history, to think it’s just … a story from the past – sort of one or two dimensional. But … there’s really no difference between young people from the past and young people today. Young people want to take chances, they want new experiences.”

- Lynn Downey